All you need to increase your digital visibility

Running a branded web shop and drawing substantial traffic is challenging. We are building a digital marketplace with brick-and-mortar merchants in mind: branded storefronts, easy to use and affordable. 

Marketing for merchants

Effective and efficient marketing

Use Shoplà as an effective and efficient marketing tool to present your products to the right audience.  Your products will be just as easy to find online as those large shipping marketplaces with a particular attention to shoppers in your neighbourhood.

Shopla AI-1
The automation revolution

The co-pilot of merchants

Numerous tasks involved in constructing and managing a web shop can now be automated, saving valuable time and effort. From catalog creation to enhancing product images and effectively advertising to your target audience, these formerly time-consuming endeavors are now partially automatable, streamlining operations and boosting efficiency.

Fair pricing

Pay as you go

A web presence is useless without traffic. This is why we charge per visitor and, of course, you can set a maximum monthly budget. We take care of generating visibility for you. No visibility, no costs. 

And for those who are still very small, we offer a free tier.

Pay as you go

You love your shop, we love digitisation


Simple and inexpensive

Imagine creating a branded digital storefront in just 15 minutes. With Shoplà, it’s possible. We offer simple, cost-effective solutions tailored to brick-and-mortar merchants—no more complex and expensive endeavors.


No effort

Shoplà integrates with all major e-commerce and inventory management systems. If you do not have any, no problem, an excel sheet with your inventory is sufficient.


Artificial intelligence

Automation is here to help you focus on what you love: taking care of your clients. Creating a product catalogue and showcasing you products online has never been easier.



Why advertise where your clients aren’t? Shoplà is developing the next-generation advertising platform to ensure your products and deals reach your audience while they’re actively shopping.