On a mission to empower brick-and-mortar merchants through cutting-edge AI technology

Running a web shop as well as attracting traffic is tough. That's why we're here. Our startup aims to transform e-commerce with advanced AI tools. We want to make it easier for brick and mortar merchants to boost their online presence. With our experienced team, we're creating innovative solutions and accessible models for all merchants to thrive.

Meet our founders

Co-founder & CEO

Angelo Brillout

Co-founder & CPO

Sebastian Brillout


At Shoplà, we firmly believe local commerce is vital to our communities. By connecting you with nearby merchants with the products you need, you can support local economies and reduce shipping hassles. Our cutting-edge application empowers you to shop efficiently, sustainably, and locally.


We’re an international company with a warm and open-minded culture. By nurturing a great team culture, we stay resilient with a common purpose. Our growing team of 10 experienced professionals comes from the AdTech and MarTech industries, as well as academia. Together, we share a passion for technology and sustainable shopping.

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